Zay Sevier Piano Studios, 1605 West Cone Boulevard in Greensboro, NC

Welcome to my website.  Be sure to check the announcements page frequently, and while you’re here check out our EXTRAS page.

We offer piano lessons for children and adults, all levels.  If you are interested in piano lessons at Zay Sevier Piano Studios in Greensboro, please call or email (see the Contact page).

On this website you’ll find information for piano students, timely announcements, and some things about Frogland, as well as details about those sly individuals, blanket gnomes.   

Piano instruction is the focus and purpose of Zay Sevier Piano Studios.  The study of piano develops hand-eye coordination and can be a beginning and an aid for other instruments.  It is invaluable for singers, and it helps build self-confidence and self-worth.  The ability to play the piano leads to a lifetime of enjoyment.  Young students can be motivated to keep developing their skills if their parents are supportive and show interest in their progress and talent.

I provide literature for students that is both motivating and enjoyable, and in a progressive order of difficulty, keeping the unique capabilities of each individual in mind.  I also include pieces in a popular vein, simply for fun.  But the music I select for the advancing pianist is by and large literature that is of substantial musical quality from a variety of style periods that will help to develop his technique and musicianship–music which has stood the test of time and which should be included in any pianist’s repertoire. Exposure to this great music is both the benefit of and the purpose for playing the piano.

For lessons call 336-540-0372 (see the Contact page).  For a map to the studio, see below.

Be sure to visit the Announcements page frequently (I know.  I said that already).

Location of Zay Sevier Piano Studios

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