New rule:  No Book–No Lesson!!  That also goes for assignment books.

Another rule:  No chewing gum.  You can’t play the piano and chew gum at the same time.

Students:  Bring your assignment book to each lesson–also the lesson book and lesson material.  Otherwise you run the risk of turning into a frog!  Don’t let that happen!

Here is a picture of Woody, the Greensboro Groundhog:   He visited me in my

back yard: Here he is, pondering weather  

questions.   Woody was right in his prediction!  We had LOTS of winter this past Spring.  But now Woody has advice for students:  “Now is the time to do some serious practicing!”

SPAMMERS :  Don’t waste your time!  I immediately delete ALL spam.  I will never answer any spammer who doesn’t give his name!!  Today I got another unbelievably dumb (maybe blind) spammer who asks “where are your contact details?”  See paragraph below!!!

Whether you are selling shoes, jackets, boots–I’m the only one who sees the spam, and I delete it all within seconds after you submit it. Some of you want me to write to you, but don’t even give your name or a valid email address!  How dumb is that?  Some have asked how we can communicate.  If you can’t see the CONTACT/LINKS page listed under the header, you must be blind.  There is my email address. Go for it!  But I won’t reply if you don’t sign your name. 

A New and accurate description of a Blanket Gnome can now be found on the Blanket Gnome page!!  Update:  ALSO a picture!!!

My new short story is out on kindle.  It’s called Bobby-O, and it’s about a terrific Yorkshire Terrier (second only to Chloé) named Bobby and the guy he lives with.  If you have kindle you can get it for almost nothing.  This is only the first of two parts.  The second part will be out soon.  Here’s the opening of Part one: “I was little when I got Frank.  Or when he got me (he thought he owned me).  Well, I’m still little.  Yorkshire Terriers don’t get very big, after all.”  And later, talking about the girl he lived with before Frank, Bobby-O says that she ”. . .  was always giggling, and dressing me up in these ungodly stupid outfits.  Then she would laugh at me.  She also tied bows in my hair.  Pretty humiliating.” This is the (tentative) cover for my new novel, Winter Promise: New Flash (Dec. 17) :  Check my new short story on Kindle:  it’s called Hassan, and it’s about a unique individual I met some years ago:  the cover looks like this: You’ll never forget this guy Hassan, once you become acquainted with him.  The Kindle story is available for purchase here. Flash:  My new story, ”Rosa,” is out on Kindle.  It’s a murder mystery of a sort, and it’s a short story.   Here’s the cover:   Roark Paige had rented a beach cottage so he could finish the novel he was writing without distraction. But he soon found that the quiet little town of Gilpin had experienced a horrific occurrence which had left bitter memories for many of the residents, including Miss Rosa. The event still left questions.. Did Rosa hold the key? You can get the story here if you have a Kindle.


  If you have any questions about anything, see the Branch Manager on the EXTRAS page.  In fact, see him even if you don’t have any questions.


My new book, Over Green Fields, is out, available on Amazon as a paperbound book or on Kindle.  NEWS FLASH:  Now Available Through Barnes and Noble and other Booksellers. Here’s the cover: It’s a Romance novel. Stephanie needed a new start.  Her father had died, and a personal relationship of hers had gone drastically wrong.  So she decided to move away from St. Louis to the south.  She could stay with her grandmother–her only living relative.     But before long she ran into some trouble, trouble she saw no way out of.  But a man came to her aid, a man she could only describe as dangerous.    She soon reestablished old friendships from her stay in the Delta lands long ago.  And fell into more difficulties. The mysterious man with the magnetic personality helped her again.  Was she falling in love with him?  She had trouble sorting out her feelings, especially when he took her on a lavish dinner date.   But still his dubious connections led her to mistrust him.    Now he was offering her a job.  Was it only to gain her confidence, or something more?  Her pride could only lead her to her downfall. Another person from her past came to haunt her, to lead her into an even more improbable situation.  But she resisted, and again the same man of mystery rescued her.    She flung accusations and blame, she uttered words she couldn’t take back, she burned her bridges behind her; and she saw no happiness in sight.  She had to get away, to take some time to sort things out. Then it happened.  Her tears were unable to bring him back–but he came back.  This time it was another offer.  Not for a job, but for something that affected her entire future—something she couldn’t refuse.


Summertime is almost on us (“Sumer is icomin in”).  More birds and flowers and stuff.  —Here’s one now:

The looming recital isn’t looming anymore.  It has been deloomed.  (Is that a word?)  Too many vacations and birds and stuff.  We’ll have to plan one for late summer or early fall.   

Summertime:  Now is the time to log in lots of practice time.  But remember, the progress you make is more important than the time you spend practicing. 

Here’s to an enjoyable summer!

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New Recital Date

May 11, Saturday at 7:30 p.m.  Need I say More?  Well, I will anyway.  A nice program, featuring some very talented players, followed by a reception with lots of yummy entrees.  Chloé will not play (she can’t play the piano, because she doesn’t have any fingers).

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    Easter came and went.  Winter has come and gone.  Punxsatawney Phil made his prediction, and it was wrong–he predicted an early Spring, and here in Greensboro Spring just now appeared within the last couple of days (sun shining, birds singing, flowers–flowers–well, they are giving serious thought to blooming).

Punxsatawney Phil was indicted for his error, and that indictment has since been removed.  (Lots of weather forecasters would be guilty of the same offence.)  The Greensboro Groundhog, Woody, told me that Spring would arrive “soon,” and he was right.   Here he is, pondering weather questions:                                                                         







Woody has advice for students:  “Now is the time (Springtime) to do some serious practicing!”

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Easter Sunday is upon us, March 31 (next Sunday), and lessons go on as usual.  

Here’s the Easter Bunny to say: 





   (He also wants to remind students to bring their assignment books to the lesson.)

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Queen of the Ball


Here’s a picture of Missy and one of Chloe







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