New Book by Inori Rlayang, “Midnight Moon”

(I’m posting this one again, too.  Such an interesting book!–Zay)

“In a land where a war between good and evil, elves and humans, is brewing to its highest peak, there is a girl, Lunar, who has the power to stop the violence. With the help of a werecat and a very interesting person, they will forge together and guide others toward the path of justice. Now Lunar must make peace with her past, and use her special power to give her strength before the end of everything she holds dear.”

This book makes a great gift for teens. You may order from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or other book dealers.


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Another Highly Recommended New Book

“Life in the Storm,” by Bam Rlayang

(I think this is something to post again–Zay)

This is the true account of a very courageous woman’s struggles, along with her family, as they faced persecution in Vietnam, and finally escaped to Cambodia. From there they found a sponsor (through the UN Refugee Agency) who helped them come to the US. Here they have found a new life and many friends. You may order this book through Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other book dealers.

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New recital date

The new date for the recital is March 16, Saturday, if nothing intervenes.  The previous recital was cancelled because of a party.  More to come.

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Update on the Recital for February 23.  It has been cancelled.  We will reschedule as soon as we can.  The cancellation is unfortunate, but unavoidable.  More to come.

Keep practicing! 

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Assignment Book

  • Reminder:  Students, please remember to bring your  assignment book to each lesson.  Also bring your music.                                                                                                                    You You don’t want to turn into a frog (I hope).                                                
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