Student Information

1. Accepting students age seven and up. Beginners will have thirty minute lessons each week, until they have progressed to the intermediate level, or to the point of scales in two octaves. Then forty-five minute lessons are in order. Advanced applicants, adults, and those ages twelve and above will begin with forty-five minute lessons.

2. Rates for lessons:

  • Thirty minutes, $20.00 per lesson.
  • Forty-five minutes, $28.00 per lesson. If there are two or more students in a family, the rate is $23.00 for a forty-five minute lesson.
  • One-hour lessons are only given by special arrangement.

3. Fees must be paid monthly on the first lesson of the month, even when a credit is applied. If you have to miss a lesson, notify us 24 hours in advance in order to arrange a makeup time. When you give notice, if there is no makeup time available, credit will be applied toward the next month.

4. All students are expected to practice a minimum of thirty minutes per day, five days a week, until they reach the intermediate stage, at which time they should practice at least forty-five minutes per day. This is to ensure adequate progress. If a student does not progress adequately, we will suggest discontinuing lessons.

Parents should become actively involved in their children’s music studies: help them schedule practice time and devote some time to listening to their practice, no less than three or four practice sessions per week. A word of praise works wonders in boosting their self-confidence. Never criticize their playing.

An assignment book will be provided to log in practice time.

5. Lesson material:  Lesson books and supplementary books are provided at a cost of $5.00 each.  Sheet music is free of charge.  You must bring your lesson material and assignment book to each lesson.

6. Recitals are held at the studio on a frequent basis, and each student should perform on these recitals whenever possible. Parents are expected to attend recitals that feature their children.

7. If you decide to discontinue lessons, please give us the courtesy of two weeks notice.


The Piano you practice on should be in tune and in good working order.  It’s easy to find a good piano at a dealer (I recommend Jackson Piano Company–see the Contact/Links page), but it’s also easy to find a junk piano.


5 Responses to Student Information

  1. Stacy zygmund says:

    I would like to start lessons in January. Maybe twice a week but I would like to discuss this. I own a piano and have my entire life. Please contact me at your convenience 732 552 9945

  2. Stacy zygmund says:

    I would like to take lessons in January maybe twice a week please contact me at your convenience.

  3. Lynn Williams says:

    Adult wishing to take lessons. Took lessons when I was a child. Need to learn how to read music again. Would think I need to start as a beginner to refresh.

  4. Dinora Orellana-Schmidt says:

    I need Information my son is 13 years old, and want to take son classes…Have a blessing day.
    Thank you.

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